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The Amazons ecosystem, particularly its tropical rain forest, is considered to be one of the richest and most complex communities of plants and animal life in the world. The region is characterized by huge and diverse amounts of flora and fauna with extraordinary variations in their habitats and micro habitats.


The Andean region (also known as the Sierra and the Highlands) is the most visited region in the country. Its cultural and natural diversity spans grassy highlands, cloud forests, mountain lakes, active volcanoes, thermal baths, Indian markets, colonial towns and haciendas. Running the length of Ecuador and splitting the country into two from north to south the mountains and valleys of the high Andes form the heart of Ecuador.


The Galapagos Islands are a world apart, the last stronghold of flora and fauna that has parallel and independently evolved from the rest of the planet. Volcanoes arise from the sea, far away from the continent, in its coasts three oceanic currents flow, and its lands house strange animals which seem to have come from our dreams.
Nomadtrek is a family managed Tour Operator, founded in 1993. Kurt Beate the General Manager of this efficient enterprise is a pioneer in ecotourism, with his vast experience of over 30 years in tourism, allows him and his staff, to design a variety of tours in Ecuador and its neighboring Galápagos Islands. Nomadtrek is owner of Tapir Lodge in the Cuyabeno reserve and Hacienda El Aliso..