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There is no better way to discover a country than walking through it. During our trekking tours, you will discover the beautiful landscape of the country and the authentic Ecuador – We have selected three beautiful trekkings for you: the famous Condor Trek, the diverse Inca Trail in Ecuador and a trekking to remote places in Ecuador to discover the authentic Ecuador. These trekkings are a combination of different landscapes as cloud forest and paramo landscape together with Andean culture and local traditions.

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Best Seasons:All year around

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The nicest trekkings throughout the Ecuadorian Andes

    4-Day Condor Trekking

    4 Days

    The Highlight of this Tour: 3 Volcanoes in one trekking The highest active volcano in Ecuador (Cotopaxi) Camping and trekking adventure Changing landscape from cloud forest to Andean paramo landscape

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