7-Day Ecolodge Amazon Tour

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For nature lovers! Canoe tour in the Ecuadorian Amazon with camping in the Amazon.

Surrounded by the sounds of the Amazon – Be closer to the nature than ever with this 7-day tour in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve with 2 days of camping in the jungle. In small groups you will observe the unique flora and fauna of the Reserve and find amongst other animals active monkeys, colorful butterflies, snakes, caimans and the pink Amazon dolphins.

Hightlights of this tour: 

  • Camping in the Amazon and relax in an Amazon Lodge
  • Be in touch with native wildlife
  • Travel in small groups and support sustainable tourism
  • Discover new cultures and the way of living in the Amazon
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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
  • Activity Level Moderate
  1. Day1 1. Day

    Our services start at Lago Agrio´s Airport. This can be reached either by bus or by plane, in the first flight TAME 09:15. The approximate time by bus is of 8 hours while the flight will approximately 40 minutes on board of a Boeing. From Lago Agrio we will drive to the Northeast side of the Sucumbíos province where “El Puente” (The Bridge) is located. It will take us between 2 or 2 ½ hours to reach The Puente depending on weather and traffic conditions. Throughout this drive you will have the opportunity to see beautiful landscapes created by the combination of rainforest, rivers, and small towns.
    After our arrival to “EL Puente” we will take a break to enjoy our box lunch then we will proceed to get ready for our next journey on board of a motorized canoe. We will provide you with rain ponchos and life vest; your luggage will be covered with plastic for protection, to prevent it from getting wet in the event of rain. Throughout the trip in this narrow river you will be able to admire some of the wide variety of flora and fauna that the Cuyabeno Reserve has to offer. We will navigate for 2.5 hours until we arrive to the Tapir Lodge. Once in the Tapir Lodge guests will be indicated to their rooms to make themselves comfortable. After dinner (19:30) the guide will provide general explanations about the Tapir Lodge as well as about the Cuyabeno Reserve and the activities that will take place the following days.

  2. Day2 2. Day

    Our day will begin with a healthy and delicious breakfast that will be served at around 07:30 am, after that we will meet our guests at our pier where we will make sure that everyone has got a pair of rubber boots for the excursion (available until size 45 EU). Depending on the size of the group we will be driving with a motorized canoe or with a paddle canoe. Our tour this day will start at 09:30, this day consist of an upstream drive to the “Laguna Grande” (Big Lake) it will take around 30 minutes by motorized canoe or 1 hour by Quilla. In the Laguna Grande we will have the opportunity to observe that surroundings Flora and Fauna. The Flora find in the lake is quite unique, we will find Igapos or inundated forest as well as the macrolobium; ancient trees that have adapted themselves to the surrounding, enviroment thus growing straight out of the water. These majestic and antique trees create the perfect habitat for other plants, such as Bromelias, Orchids, Ferms and Cacti Once the Igapo excursion has been completed, we will travel to “Terra Firme” and begin a trek on a path called “Palma Roja” (Red palm); this path was once part of a scientific research station belonging to the Catholic University. Before starting our trek our guide will provide a brief explanation regarding basic ecology of the rainforest.
    We hope to have the opportunity to see and hear many species of birds such as Woodpeckers, Tanagers, Macaws, and Toucans; and if we are lucky enough we will come across two of three species of Monkeys. We will return to Tapir for lunch, it will be served at 14:30, after that our guests will have a 2 hours brake approximately.
    At around 17:00, we will meet at our pier and drive with the canoe to a different area of the “Laguna Grande”. Once we get to the lake we will navigate thought the surrounding area searching for birds and other animals. If so desired our guests could go for a swim which is a perfectly safe and a very relaxing activity. Depending on the weather, we may be able to admire a breathtaking sunset.
    Once the evening activities are closed, we will return to Tapir and have a refreshing drinks at our bar or chat with the guide about the day´s events. After dinner depending on the weather conditions we can take a quick night trek around the Lodge looking for frogs and other night wanders.

  3. Day3 3. Day

    On the third day we will start our camping expedition driving downstream for about 4 hours. On our way down we will take a break and enjoy a delicious box lunch. Right after lunch we will search for the perfect spot on the shores of the Cuyabeno River and set up our camp, we will then trek through the rainforest and with enough luck we might be able to see some diurnal mammals. We will return to the campsite for dinner and spend the night there.

  4. Day4 4. Day

    We will have an early start and glide downstream which we will give us the opportunity to enjoy the sounds of the different animals. We will then find the right spot at the heart of the rainforest where we will enjoy our breakfast. After breakfast we will trek though the rainforest for about 4 hours. In this area we will have the opportunity to search for birds such as: Herons, Egrets, Curassows, Hawks, Screaming Pihas, Oropendolas, Fly Catchers and King Fishers, as well as different species of Monkeys. We will return to the camp where lunch will be served. After lunch, we will have a well deserved resting period of about 2 hours then we will ride along the Cuyabeno River for more bird watching until the night falls. Once the night settles, with the aid of our flashlights we will search for caimans and other nocturnal animals. We will return to the campsite for dinner and we will spend the night there.

  5. Day5 5. Day

    After an early breakfast, while enjoying the mood of the rainforest, we will begin disassembling the camp site; we will then head upstream following the Cuyabeno River. During our return we will stop at a small settlement. Here we will have the opportunity to visit and meet Thomas the local Shaman who belongs at the Cofan ethnic group. Thomas spends most of his time curing and treating the local inhabitants with his vast knowledge of medicinal plants.
    Thomas will share with us his experience in the rainforest as well as the processes for healing people. For those interested in taking part of a healing ceremony the option is at hand and it should last about 40 minutes. After the presentation there will be a session with Thomas. Handicrafts are available for purchase, all of them crafted out of materials provided by and obtained in the rainforest.
    At around 3:00 pm we will navigate back to Puerto Bolívar where we will be greeted by the local Siona family. There we will observe how the Cassava Bread is prepared. The Yuca (Cassava) Root (Manihot Esculenta) has always been an essential food suppley and perhaps the main source of carbohydrates for the indigenous communities of the rainforest.
    Once the Yuca (Cassava) has been collected it will be peeled and grinded into a paste; this “paste” is then pressed to eliminate the water and the starch. The remaining dried product will be toasted in a pan for few minutes and the result will be a “Pancake like bread” of neutral taste which we will be able to taste. We will then head back to the Tapir where we will spend the night.

  6. Day6 6. Day

    Breakfast will be served at 07:30 AM, the day will be scheduled according to your interest, and guests will have the option to choose their activities with the guide. Several options are available: ranging from bird watching, canoeing in the lake, or trekking in the rainforest. According to the type of activity you choose, the day will be scheduled to fulfill your interest. Lunch will be served at Tapir. In the afternoon our guests can enjoy some leisure time and enjoy the last Sunset over the lake. Dinner will be served at around 08:00 PM. After dinner we will serve and enjoy a farewell Passion Fruit Cocktail, as we take a little time to introduce our hard working, attentive and diligent staff members; whom without their cooperation, assistance and courteous service Tapir Lodge could not provide our guests with the first-class service we trust you will receive from your first day with us.

  7. Day7 7. Day

    Breakfast will be served at 08:00 AM. After breakfast we will coordinate and schedule your departure from Tapir. Departure time is generally between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM depending on flight times, river and road conditions as well as the guide’s decision. Our staff will attend to the luggage as they make sure it is all loaded onto the canoe. We will depart Tapir and make our way back to the bridge. Our private transportation will be waiting for us. Drive back to Lago Agrio. Arrive to airport.