8- and 5-Day cruise M/S Encantada Northern Loop

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The highlights of this tour:

  • The Galapagos Islands – a once-in-a-lifetime-experience
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    Discovery, Nature
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All about the 8- and 5-Day cruise M/S Encantada Northern Loop.

The M/S Encantada is a superior tourist class yacht, loved for her
charming candy-apple red style and her small, cozy atmosphere. The boat offers 6 cabins with twin bunk beds to accommodate a total of 12 passengers. All cabins have air conditioning and private bathrooms with hot water.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Flight reservations to/from Galápagos
  • All transfers in Galápagos
  • Accomodations in double occupancy
  • Bilingual naturalist guide
  • All meals (B. L. D.)
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • FLIGHT tickets to/from Galápagos
  • Transit control card $20
  • Entrance fee to the National Park
  • Soft and alcoholic drinks *Tips
  • Snorkel Gear & Wetsuits
  • Isabela local tax $20
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    1. Day1 Charles Darwin Station

      You land on the island of Baltra and drive 10 minutes from the airport to the Itabaca channel where a ferry ride takes you to the island of Santa Cruz. From here we travel across the island, stopping to see some of the giant Galapagos tortoises. Upon arrival
      in the seaside town of Puerto Ayora there is time to visit the Charles Darwin Research Center wich has been working in Galapagos since 1959 under an agreement with the Government of Ecuador to work closely with
      Government Institutions, providing scientific knowledge and assistance to ensure the conservation of Galapagos.
      Later in the afternoon we aboard the yacht and settle into our cabins. After dinner we pull anchor and begin our travels towards
      the island of Genovesa.

    2. Day2 Prince Philipp Steps & Darwin Bay

      AM: Prince Philipp Steps
      We arrive in the morning at the island of Genovesa and have a dry landing at El Barranco, or Prince Phillip’s steps where a steep, rocky path leads to the top of a
      high cliff. There are spectacular views from here and the opportunity to observe red-footed boobies, short-eared lava owls, Galapagos doves and Galapagos

      PM: We return to the boat and continue to
      Darwin Bay to nd a white-sand coral
      beach and a half-mile trail that winds
      through mangrove trees lled with
      various birds. We should see Nazca
      boobies, red-footed boobies and
      swallow-tailed gulls among other birds.
      There we will have the opportunity to
      explore tide pools and interact with
      curious, playful sea lions.

    3. Day3 Bartolome & Sullivan Bay

      AM: Bartolome

      We arrive at the island of Bartolome, an extinct volcano where lava and rocks are shaded in red, black and green. This is the
      home of the iconic Pinnacle Rock. Here we climb a trail of stairs to the summit of the volcano, where we can enjoy panoramic views of the island as distant islands. We then return to a lovely beach that is perfect for snorkeling where we will have a chance at seeing Galapagos penguin – and with any
      luck, a chance to snorkel with them!

      PM: Sullivan Bay

      Then we continue to Sullivan Bay where
      there is a large lava eld with fascinating
      patterns, which are the result of explosions of
      gas or water coming forth from the
      once-molten lava.

    4. Day4 Bainbridge, Chinese Hat & Black Turtle Cove

      AM: Bainbridge and Chinese Hat

      Today we visit Bainbridge Rock, also known as James Bay. A trail follows the coastline where there are tide pools and grottos filled with sea life. This is an excellent chance to see the Galapagos fur seal bathing in the sun. We also visit Chinese Hat which is a place of fairly recent volcanic activity and a few intact lava tunnels. This is another place to snorkel and swim in tranquil blue waters, watching colorful fish and playing with young sea lions.

      PM: Black Turtle Cove

      After lunch on the boat we head to the northern part of the island of Santa Cruz to visit Caleta Tortuga Negra, a small bay surrounded by mangroves and only
      accessible by dinghy. It’s a safe home for marine life such as white tip reef sharks, sea turtles and various rays such as manta rays
      and eagle rays.

    5. Day5 North Seymour & Concha Perla

      AM: North Seymour

      Our last day on the Encantada still has more discovery. We go to the official visitor site of Seymour North where there is a large breeding colony of frigate birds and blue-footed boobies. The trail leads up among their nests where we will have to watch our step for land and marine iguanas. It’s a special place to end our Galapagos
      adventure and then return to the Itabaca Canal for a short transfer back to the Baltra airport and a flight to Quito or Guayaquil.

      PM: Concha Perla

      After your last visit on The Encantada, our guide will take you to the port of Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island) for lunch. Afterwards, we will take the Public speedboat to Isabela (14:00), which lasts approximately two and a half hours. After arriving at Isabela, we will take a brief rest at the hotel and then head to the Concha de Perla lagoon, where you can swim with sea lions, colorful varieties of fish, and with luck sea turtles.

    6. Day6 Sierra Negra Volcano & Tortoise Breeding Center & Flamingos Lagoon

      AM: Sierra Negra Volcano

      Early in the morning (8:00 am aprox.), after breakfast, we will prepare ourselves for the Sierra Negra Volcano hike by putting on comfortable walking shoes and possibly a rain jacket, making sure our cameras are stored in waterproof bags and to bring sunscreen, water, and hats, and
      finally by preparing our box lunch at the hotel to take with us. We will then travel approximately 45 minutes by truck or bus to begin the 12 km hike (appx. 3 hours). The hike is long, but not very difficult as the inclines and
      declines are quite gradual. Sierra Negra Volcano has the second largest crater in the world, measuring approximately 6 miles in diameter and 300 feet deep. We will reach Volcan Chico before heading back, which should
      provide a spectacular view of the incredible moonlike terrain. (L|D)

      PM: Tortoise Breeding Center

      In the afternoon we will visit the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center of Isabela,
      where we will be able to see a variety of species of giant tortoises in
      captivity. We will also hear how this center has successfully been able to
      breed and raise the giant tortoises in order to preserve many of their
      endangered subspecies. (B|BXL|D)

      We will also have time to visit the Flamingos Lagoon.

    7. Day7 Wall of Tears/Wetlands and Tintoreras Islet

      AM: Wall of Tears / Wetlands

      We head into the small town of Puerto Villamil, a fishing village with sand streets and a laid-back feel. Our destination is outside of town to a place called the Wall of
      Tears. From 1945 to 1959 there was a penal colony here and part of the forced labor program was constructing a huge wall some 65’ high. It’s an interesting part of the human saga of life on the Galapagos Islands.

      PM: Tintoreras Islet

      The islet is a stark, rocky place with sharp volcanic rocks that shelter hundreds of marine iguanas. We walk along a narrow
      trail and peer into a small lagoon filled with white-tipped reef sharks. Further along the trail we are likely to see sea lions lounging
      and perhaps a Galapagos penguin or two. We have time to snorkel near the island. Friday at 5:00 a.m. we will prepare ourselves to go to the dock (wake-up at
      4:30 AM). We will take the Public
      speedboat, which leaves at 6:00 a.m. (subject to change), From Isabela to Puerto Ayora (2 hour and a half estimated travel time).
      Transfer out | Baltra airport.

    8. Day8 Gemelos Craters

      AM: Gemelos Craters

      Depending on the time one the flights, we may be able to visit two sunken “holes” similar to craters, known as “Los Gemelos”.
      These craters were formed by the
      collapsed of the earth beneath which lava had passed and created giant tunnels, which facilitates the collapse and creation of the craters. It is an excellent place to observe land
      birds, especially the woodpecker finch and flycatcher found in large numbers, are curious and quite tame. There are 7 plants in Galapagos endemic among them is the Scalesia giant plants that are
      relatives of sunflowers. Another plant that notice is guayabillo trees, which have a clean and smooth bark.

    M/S Encantada Yacht

    The M/S Encantada is a superior tourist class yacht, loved for her charming candy-apple red style and her small, cozy atmosphere. The boat offers 6 cabins with twin bunk beds to accommodate a total of 12 passengers. All cabins
    have air conditioning and private bathrooms with hot water.

    • Length: 69 ft, 21 m
    • Beam: 17 ft, 5.2 m
    • Speed: 7 knots
    • 5 crew members
    • + 1 bilingual naturalist guide
    • Snorkel equipment