Explore The Jungle In The Tapir Lodge Cuyabeno

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Explore the jungle in the Tapir Lodge Cuyabeno. The Tapir Lodge Cuyabeno was built in 1996 in partnership with the family members of the Siona community. Our vision, while building the Tapir lodge was not only to design a place that surpasses customer’s expectations but also to demonstrate our green credentials by constructing the most eco-friendly lodge in the Cuyabeno Reserve. Our philosophy is to respect the ecosystem and maintain its natural course. We are passionate about the environment and therefore we seek to cause the minimal disturbance in the area.

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All about the Explore The Jungle In The Tapir Lodge Cuyabeno.

Our mission is to provide you with an excellent customer service and to make your stay as much enjoyable as possible. Because of that, we also offer you alternative accommodation styles. What does this mean? Instead of building the traditional huts as you can find in most of the lodges, we build two towers to give you the experience to stay at the same level as all the beautiful birds in this area.

The Tapir lodge is a pioneer in the area of alternative energies and for that, we have implemented an excellent way of creating our own energy without upsetting the environment. This is based on our own solar panels providing you, all day long, with 110-115 V. The amount is sufficient to recharge your camera, use the light or the use of other basic electronic equipment. Since we are staying in the jungle, there are of course limitations on the available power available. For example, an hair driver or other highly consuming electronic equipment is not permitted.

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